COMING SOON!!! The Cary Grant Sanatorium and Playhouse - A disgraced Hollywood starlet, Donna Darling, and two-time German Army deserter, Séamus von Funck, meet in 1942 at an idyllic Ohio home for unwed mothers—or a Nazi abortion slaughterhouse, depending on whom you talk to. Their love endures despite the efforts of a power-hungry congressman, an overzealous religious tabloid, and Donna's Hollywood past. (Psst, it includes Cary Grant.) They prevail despite Séamus being a suspected Nazi spy and America's first prisoner of the second World War—and also the first to escape.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Carnival

Attended and enjoyed the hell out of Lizz Winstead's Lady Parts Justice carnival Saturday afternoon. Games, prizes, laughs—and a great cause. Lost two games of DILdO—a hilariously perverted game of Bingo—and had my fortune told by a not-funny-at-all psychic who left me pondering my fate and very existence for several seconds... After three tries I finally won the Douchebag Toss—couldn't have been prouder.

Thus I embark on an unprecedented stretch of activity: Next Friday I head for the Landmark Center to see William Studor in The Bootleggers Terror. Saturday (Oct 3) finds me reading at another Saint Paul Almanac event (all are welcome to attend) at Gingko Coffeehouse. In a couple weeks I have tickets for Annapurna (Jungle Theater) and my Douchebag Toss winnings included free passes to Dudley Riggs.

I may loose my Reclusive Writer status if I'm not careful...

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