I've decided to self-pub my three novels. ALICE & HER GRAND BELL (Kindle & paperback) is now available at Amazon.

It tells concurrent stories of two families—unwittingly related—and several eras. It goes like this: At the brink of the first Gulf War, 18-year-old Brock dreads his sister's deployment in the Gulf while he seeks answers for twin brothers lost to Vietnam. Instead, he discovers his father's secret about dodging World War II and a legendary family Civil War hero is exposed as no more than a deserter. The parallel story deals with Grace—born of the rape of her mother by that same Yankee deserter—and her family's journey through the South's Reconstruction. Grace grows from teenage baseball writer to venerable whistle-blower—fighting for Woman's Suffrage and the Cincinnati Reds, and against the Indiana KKK and most everything else.

What people are saying about ALICE & HER GRAND BELL:

Hello, I'm Grace. Mr. Tinkham wrote this book, in part, about me. I am long dead. There's a lot of death in my story (but a lot of laughs, too). My sister's father died during the Civil War (at Fort Pillow before the massacre). My father, a Yankee deserter, raped my mother and died soon after, having left behind his guns for my mother to shoot him dead with. I became a journalist of some note and was murdered shortly after finding out who assassinated my step-father. Confused? Don't feel bad, why even this Tinkham fellow seems unsure of just how I died.

Brock McCoy here. Half the book concerns me chasing demons and secrets from my family's past. I'd like to thank Mr. Tinkham for sending me up to Toronto and putting me in love with an incredible woman more than twice my age. Of course, once she came to her senses and dumped me...well, nothing quite worked out with girls my own age. Thankfully Mr. Tinkham provides enough confusion in my life to keep my mind off such things.

I'm Peaches. As a Greyhound-traveling-pill-freak, I terrorized Brock early in the book but, by the end, his sister touts me as her savior. How 'bout that? I'd actually like to thank Mr. Tinkham for allowing me to clean up my act and become a worthwhile member of ALICE & HER GRAND BELL.

Even a real person, Mary Vettel, with an Amazon review.

write under their noses

This website is an attempt to explain my novels and myself. The photos below are characters from my other two (unpublished) novels, NO HAPPIER STATE and BONUS MAN.

*Susan Tinkham, my talented sister, gets credit for adroitly slipping my mug in where Teddy's ought to be. She is currently at work on the cover for Alice... All photos are used without permission and will likely disappear quickly (lest I find myself in legal trouble).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On sale for $0.00

With sales hovering somewhere between lackluster and dismal, it's time for a promotion. FEBRUARY 20 & 21, ALICE AND HER GRAND BELL (Kindle version) will be FREE on Amazon

Yours for the taking!

Monday, January 12, 2015

On Apple & B&N

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Now available!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

On Amazon

Amazon link to ALICE AND HER GRAND BELL:  

Also at ScribdPage Foundry & Kobo.

Friday, January 9, 2015


I just hit 'publish' on my first novel, ALICE AND HER GRAND BELL. The wonderful cover pictured was created by my sister, Susan Tinkham. More later...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On 2015

I believe I've posted about everything I've actually done over the past year—which is a sad commentary on my social life. I probably neglected a couple of Twins games and there was a ten-day stretch recently where I hit First Avenue three times: Lucinda Williams, Nick Lowe, and the Curtiss A Lennon Tribute. All worth getting out of the apartment for. I work till midnight tonight, so that'll be the end to my 2014.

2015 will bring the self-publication of three completed novels and at least one more now in the works. Alice and Her Grand Bell may be out as early as next week. My sister Susan Tinkham is at work on the cover. The plan is to pub No Happier State in March and Bonus Man likely in May.

I don't mind saying I've worked really hard on all three books and it scares the hell out of me to put them out there on a hope and a prayer.

When did I start praying?

* * *

Totally unrelated Twins prediction: Since I seem to be the only one who thinks it takes more than a few months to recover from a season-ending concussion (see Justin Morneau's recent 3-year recovery), I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that Joe Mauer will shake off that last lingering cobweb and contend for another AL batting title this year.

Happy New Year!

Monday, November 24, 2014

On Amsterdam Reading


So the Almanac reading at the Amsterdam was a wonderful event. A wide array of readers, a nice crowd, no fights erupted at the bar. Personally, after an early glitch, it went off nicely, though I'd have to see the video to be sure.

First thing I noticed when I arrived was that there was no podium on stage. Every reading I've ever taken part in had a podium. No big deal, you might think, but if you have Essential Tremors—like me—it's kind of a big deal. It's not a nervous thing; the tremors just happen—home alone, my hands shook as I practiced reading from the book. I sought out the man in charge, David Stein, and explained my situation. He scrounged a music stand from somewhere and announced that it was there for any of the readers to use. Of course, I was the only one in need.

When he introduced me about halfway into the show, I jumped onstage, dragged the stand to the mic, struggled mightily to get it to the proper height—all the while wondering what the crowd must be thinking of this guy who required a stand while others had read from their books or their phones. (If you're curious about the photo that accompanies this post: It was staged, after the fact, by my friend John Lutter. Looking at it you'd think I was as steady as the next guy, wouldn't you?)

Like I said, my part seemed to go smoothly after that. If the video affirms that I'll post it here, if not you're on your own finding it...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Under Construction

Reconfiguring the site here in anticipation of self-pub'g my novels (see above). Life's too short... My sister Susan Tinkham is at work on the first cover, which should liven the page up. Bought a book on formatting an eBook; I'm sure I'll figure it out anyway...

As I mentioned in my last post (long ago), I'll be reading on November 22 at the Amsterdam in St. Paul. I get nine minutes and they say it'll be on YouTube.

Also heading to St. Paul Saturday night to take a class, something about protecting your characters. I'm actually taking it in the hope of protecting myself. Some of my characters are real historical figures and I'd like to be able to cover myself in case some relative doesn't care how I portrayed their granddaddy. I had hoped to find a literary agency with a team of lawyers but, again, life's too short.

That's it; don't say I never post...